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 From 2014 to 2022, her team generated $150 million in sales.

This sharing will be updated on our Launchblog at least once a week starting in November. 



1. Start your business from 0

 1.1 Business Model

 1.2 Starting your popular category store

 1.3 Popular category stores vs. niche stores

 1.4 Starting your niche store

 1.5 Project Analysis: Achieving $2 Million in Sales in 120 Days

 1.6 Summary

2. [Screening Products] Provide good products for your online store

 2.1 2022 Shopify Merchandise Screening and Tools

 2.2 Complete Guide to Facebook Merchandising, Adspy

3. [Payment] Global collection tools

 3.1 Paypal account registration and notes on the use of the process

 2.1 Keep updated

4. [Website Building] Build your business website from 0

 4.1.Saas website construction

Comparison of Mainstream Website Building Tools | Shopify Newbie Website Builder | Shopify Newbie Plugin Recommendation 

Wix Newbie Feature Guide | Shoplazza Newbie Tutorial | ALLValue Newbie Tutorial | Bigcommerce Newbie Tutorial

4.2 Open Source Website Building

 Wordpress website building guide | Magento Tutorial

5. [Promotion]: All Internet Promotion Guide

 5.1 Promotion model guide

 5.2 Facebook promotion

 5.3 Google Promotion

 5.4 instrgram promotion

6. [Competitor Analysis] How to analyze your competitors

 6.1 Know the exact sales of your competitors

 6.2 See what your competitor's website looked like 10 years ago

 6.3 Crawler program

 6.4 Internal SPY 

 6.5 Shopify-based crawler

 6.6 Social network based crawler to help you find your competitor's KOLs

 6.7 Analyze competitor's emails

 6.8 Website traffic monitoring

 6.9 Competitor's customer portrait

 6.10 Light and free Facebook Spy tool

7. [Business] 47 tools

 SEO Tools | Optimize User Experience and Store | Shopping Cart Abandonment | Boost Funnel | Customer Relationship Management | Shipping Agent and POD | Email Marketing | PPC and Lead Generation Software | Inventory Management | Product Reviews and UCG | Referral Rewards | Affiliate Marketing | Shipping | SNS Marketing 

8. [PRO] Precise Niche Market  

 8.1 Adult Products

 8.2 Virtual Goods

 8.3 Muslim Goods

9. [Advanced Knowledge] Point Strategy

 9.1 Shopify / Your website optimization guide

 9.2 Have a permanent US cell phone number

 9.3 Godaddy Domain Resolution Guide (2022)

 9.4 11 tools to help you know that the path of customers who did not place an order in your store?

10 [Business Story] Learning Global E-Commerce

Supplementary: The pitfalls of e-commerce

Our company's product managers are trained by her company and we will be offering these courses to all who subscribe.

Whether you are a business owner or a newbie, you can be inspired and witness their powerful corporate knowledge base here with the elite international eCommerce team from China.

This sharing will be updated on our Launchblog at least once a week starting in November. Send us an email with your business type and idea and you will enjoy the whole session for free and receive a PDF file at the end of the session. 

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