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01 Basic Understanding

Instagram, as one of the largest social media in the world with over one billion users, not only has a higher interaction rate and branding than Facebook but also can connect with online stores to provide better services to users.

Instagram is a lightweight app that supports iOS, Windows phone, and Android platforms, allowing users to capture their life memories in any environment and share them with one click to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, foursquare, or Sina Weibo.

Instagram is named after Instamatic, a series of cameras sold by Kodak since 1963. The company is based in San Francisco and was co-founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Registered users in September 2012 by Facebook for $715 million

To enter the Instagram social media platform, the following data need to know

1、1 billion monthly activity

Facebook 2.8 billion, TikTok 1 billion, Twitter 353 million, Pinterest 459 million. Instagram's interaction rate not only surpasses Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, 10 times higher than Facebook

2. 500 million daily activities

30 minutes daily use

4.2 billion likes/day

250 million/day shared content

63% open daily

42% open multiple times


52% Female

72% Teenagers

More than 67% are under 34 years old

One hundred forty million users in the U.S.

71% of U.S. users are 18-29 years old

4. High income

31% annual income over 75k

32% Annual income 50k-74k

32% Annual income of 30k-49k

Ins users earn 25% more than the average Internet user


Over 71% of U.S. businesses operate Ins, 96% of which are in the fashion industry 500k advertisers

130 million people/month click on shopping posts

50% of users choose to buy a product after seeing it in a snapshot

69% of marketing dollars are spent on online celebrities

200 million/day users visit merchant homepages

70% of users search for products on the platform

90% of Ins users follow at least one business account

150 million/month users initiate conversations with merchants via D.M.s, a third of which are initiated from Instagram snaps

02 Algorithm Overview


Before 2016, Ins' post recommendations were mainly ranked in chronological order, and as long as you published a post, the system gave you recommendations regardless of quality or personal preference

Participation (attention, likes, comments, retweets, dwell time, etc.) was not used as a reference indicator for system recommendations

In this chronological algorithm, as long as you publish many posts, you can continuously get exposure. Still, the user experience is not yet friendly enough, which will cause users will miss 70% of the information.

After 2016, as the volume increased, Ins started to add more recommendation factors. For example, the posts that users often read, the engagement of their favorite accounts, etc.

The recommendation algorithm changed from temporal to mutual, and from this point on, the account rose to the powder and is no longer so easy to write. The system puts forward higher requirements for the quality of your station, to constantly cater to, to meet the user to get higher engagement and more referral traffic.

Algorithm indicators

Ins official website algorithm definition:

Ins official explanation of the algorithm, combined with practical experience, the algorithm mainly has the following 8 leading indicators

2.1 Personal interest

Users are the platform's core, and the stay time of users in the forum is an essential reference factor for the platform's value.

The platform should continuously meet the needs of users, and the personal interests of users are vital.

Users' activities on the platform will be recorded, and information such as likes, comments, retweets, favorites, concerns, etc., most directly show the user's preferences.

For example, if you often brush the goodies recommendation, the system will think you like that kind of content, tag your account, and then push you similar posts accordingly.

2.2 Closeness

Personal interest focuses on users' preferences, while closeness considers the degree of interaction between users.

Two-way running love is the most touching.

The closeness metric is a higher level of personal interest metric, where friends, family, and posts from accounts you frequently read are given priority.

The content of this indicator includes the interaction with each other's comments, the frequency of private messages, the frequency of retweeting each other's posts, the frequency of @ing each other's posts, the geographical proximity of each other's headquarters, and the frequency of adding each other as friends through the cell phone address book,

2.3 Number of followers

The fastest way to increase the number of followers is to follow other people, hoping to get their mutual relations.

Ins system will recommend posts to you from the objects you follow. If your account follows many people, the system will be very broad to recommend because the system is also confused about your account preferences. You want to see if the opportunity and number of specific object posts will be reduced.

If you follow a smaller number of people, the other party's posts will be displayed frequently.

2.4 Online time

Instagram users are online for about 53 minutes a day

If your online time is longer, the system will recommend the content you are interested in

If your online time is short, the system can't collect more of your preferences, and the system will suggest the best posts.

2.5 Posting time

Although the Ins algorithm has been innovated to include indicators such as participation rate, it does not mean that the element of posting time is no longer considered.

Posting time is still a vital indicator considered by the algorithm

The best posting time is determined by the peak activity time of the target market users, but you also have to refer to the fan activity. The traffic may not be an accurate runoff, fans may not be your target market users, and the time of the two is still different.

Ins post instant is powerful, especially the post in 24 hours visual function is the ultimate immediacy.

But there is also a shortage of places, that is, the post does not get a long-time exposure or secondary outbreak unless the seat is in the front position in the tag ranking

2.6 Frequency of use

When you log into your account, the system will reorder the recommended posts and reset the priority ranking.

The system will prioritize to show you the best posts since your last visit

The shorter the frequency of Ins use, the more noticeable this feature will be

The more frequently you use it, the more the system will recommend the content you are most interested in.

2.7 Dwell time

The longer you look at his posts, the more you are interested in the account, the type, and even the tag category used in the center.

If you want users to get more dwell time, there is no other way but content.

Content includes video and image materials, music, copywriting, tags, etc.

The creator needs to continuously improve the quality of the post in order to attract users to stay longer and thus get more recommendations from the system.

2.8 Thousands of people

Ins relies on machine learning to create a unique information flow and recommendation mechanism for each person based on the user's historical behavior.

For example, if you use two accounts with the same device, take the same operation process, and follow it. Like the same people simultaneously, the system will also generate different recommendation algorithms and recommend other content based on the comprehensive situation of the account.

The system will compare the engagement level of your post with other posts you shared at the same time and date.

For example, the system needs to determine if the traffic to the post published at 10 am this Monday is more or less than the traffic published at 10am last Monday.

It doesn't often make sense for the system to compare your new post with posts you made during peak hours on the same day and thus determine that your recent post has low engagement.

Therefore the system chooses to compare posts published during similar times to ensure accuracy when assessing the quality of engagement on a stick.

Recommendation process

-Show to a small percentage of users

-Show to a high percentage of users

-Feed Pages display

-Explorer Pages display

-Hashtag display

The system will determine whether to give more referrals based on the user's engagement level.

At the same time, the system will compare the posts horizontally, the engagement level of your post, and your station released at the same time for comparison.

For example, if you publish a post today at 11 am on Tuesday, the system will compare the traffic performance of your position at 11 am last Tuesday to see if it is better or worse, rather than crawling other posts published that day or different periods to ensure the accuracy of assessing post engagement and quality.

If it is better, your post quality is higher than in previous periods, and you will also get more traffic.

03 Download and Installation

1. Preparation

1.1 VV Internet access

Ins need V.V. Internet access to install and use. No need to modify the time zone language, close the positioning, or other operations. P.C. terminal and cell phone terminal can be operated, but the nodes of the latter should be consistent.

1.2 Mobile phone

Smartphones can be used, if you want to take better pictures, we recommend iphone10 and above.

1.3 Gmail mailbox

Need to use when registering an account

2Download and installation

Apple phone is directly in the Apple store search and download Instagram.

If the Apple store can not search, available chrome web search Instagram click download software will automatically jump to the Apple store to download.

There are two ways to download Instagram software for Android phones

First, you can download it after installing Google Three Piece

Google phone comes with an Apple store and service system, so you don't need to install the three pieces of software.

04 Register an account

After downloading the software, you can start to register your account

1Gmail email registration

Play Instagram software, click on the new account

There are two ways of cell phone registration and mailbox registration

Domestic cell phones and mailboxes sometimes cannot receive the verification code because of non-recognition, so it is recommended to register with the Gmail mailbox.

After registering with the mailbox, fill in the mailbox verification code for security verification.

2Setting account name and password

After completing the selection below will automatically become dark blue, optional, and require synchronization of contacts. Skip it.

3Add age information

It is recommended to fill in the age of over 18 to browse all the pictures on Instagram.

Foreign countries have stringent control over the content shown to teenagers, and many ranges are prohibited from offering to teenagers.

4Setting account identity

The system will recommend an identity to you, usually the registered email account, you can choose "change account" to fill in a proper name, or you can register directly and modify it in the account background.

This identity is different from the above account name, equivalent to a nickname, nickname.

5Link to Facebook account

Instagram is a company owned by Facebook, the system ecology is interrelated. You can choose to skip it.

6Add avatar, attention

Avatar can be set here. You can also put it in the system background after registration.

7Complete Registration

The first time you log in, the system will let you choose the users you want to follow, you can skip it directly, and the account registration is finished.

05 Account Settings

1Edit Home Edit Profile

Click "Edit Profile" on the home page of your account to enter and start to improve your account information.

There are three types of accounts: merchant, creator, and personal. How to switch is explained below.

The homepage of the merchant and creator are the same, but the person is different.

The account home page is at the front of the store, which is significant

Users only need a glance to get a first impression of their profile, website, or social account. Then they use 2.6 seconds to focus on reconfirming it to form a general image of the Instagram account, so pay great attention to the account homepage.

Change Avatar: You can change your avatar, and add your account name, nickname, website, and personalized signature. The image size is 110 x 110, and the photo will be cropped into a circular image and displayed

Name: It is equivalent to a nickname and can be changed twice in 14 days, both in English and Chinese.

It is recommended to use the most direct and relevant user name. For example, if your account is related to furniture, you can add furniture, home, and other keywords as user names.

Account: The name of the account. There can only be one for the whole network.

Website: You can hang links to independent websites, WhatsApp, etc.

Personalized signature: You can edit the content according to your account location, up to 150 characters, including punctuation and emoticons.

Public page: You can choose whether to bind the public page of your Facebook account.

Categories: Instagram provides 20 categories of merchant pages, which you can choose according to your account positioning.

Contact options: The creator account has an additional company address and a call to action button, then the personal statement.

Contact number and email: There is no requirement. Domestic ones are also available. After adding, as shown below, when others see your account and click "Contact" on the homepage, all contact information will be displayed.

If no contact information is placed, you can send D.M. information directly, or quite convenient.

Call to action: The button links to a third-party company platform that works with Ins, allowing users to book, purchase tickets, start an order, or reserve products without leaving the Ins app.

The pages are the same for creator and business accounts but not so much for personal accounts.

First, the creator and business account homepage has an advertising center and effectiveness analysis, while the personal one does not.

Secondly, the creator number and commercial account can add categories and contact information in editing the personal homepage.

2Background settings

Click the three bars in the upper right corner of your profile to enter the Instagram system background. There are still a lot of settings available

There are three contents worthy of your attention :

(1) Creator/Business Entity

-The creator option mainly includes promotion fee payment, branded content, branded content advertising, etc.

-For promotion fee payment, you can choose the country and payment currency. It should be noted that the country and currency can not be modified after it is determined.

(2) Account categories

Instagram has three categories: Merchant, Creator, and Personal.

Switching from merchant and creator accounts to a personal statement is relatively simple. Switching from a personal account to a merchant or creator account requires a few steps, Settings > Account > Switch Account Type.

(3) Differences between creator account and personal account

There are four main differences

①Switch account category path

The switching path is Three bars on the top right corner of the account>Settings>Account>Switch to Pro account>Select the account category.

When switching accounts, personal accounts can only be switched to professional accounts, or new professional accounts can be added.

When you switch to a Pro account, you will be asked to choose a category label, which can be displayed on the first page of your account or can be hidden.

There are 20 category tags, and only one can be selected: Artist, Singer Band, Blogger, Apparel Brand, Community, Digital Content Creator, Education, Entrepreneur, Health/Beauty, Editor, Writer, Personal Blogger, Product Service, E-Gamer, Restaurant, Beauty and Beauty Care, Supermarket, Photographer, Retail Shopping, Host.

Creator types are suitable for public figures, content creators, entertainers, and netizens.

Business types suit retailers, local merchants, brands, organizations, and service providers. Once the account tags are selected, you must set the account-specific categories.

②Different Direct Message settings

If your account usually receives many spam messages, you can set the other version to send messages to "General," and the system will no longer prompt the different accounts to send messages. The system will no longer prompt the other party to send messages.

The personal number only has a message column.

③ Contact information is different

There is a contact option on the editor's homepage. You can fill in your email, phone, and other information, which is convenient for users to contact each other.

The creator account only has options for company email, business phone, and Wahtsapp Business phone number.

The business account has a company address and a Call To Action button, which is exceptionally beneficial for marketing and allowing direct customer interaction.

④Different analytics tools

The creator and business accounts have account insight data analysis features, such as follower growth, content interaction, etc., while the personal statement does not.

2.2 Private Photo Album Archive

The private archive contains a photo album of snapshots, posts, and live streams, which only you can see.

The private gallery can be sorted by posting time and displayed by the calendar. If you have added addresses to your posts, they will also be displayed on the map according to your marked addresses.

2.3 Your Activity

The activity shows the URLs you have logged into on Instagram and your time spent online.

2.4 Insights

Same as Insight for creator and business accounts' pages.

2.5 QR Code OR code

Each account has a QR code. You can change the color of the QR code at the top of the page, and there is a QR code scanning function at the bottom, so you can scan other people's Instagram QR codes and add them as friends directly.

2.6 Favorites Saved

Your favorite posts, snapshots, and IGTV are all here.

2.7 Close Friends

Add and create a list of close friends, and you can only share with them when posting.

06 Posting

Instagram posts include Post, Snap Story, Snap Featured Highlights, Reels, IGTV, Live, and Guides.

There are 2 posting channels.

One is the "+" button at the bottom of the account, which can only post Post, Snap Stories, and live broadcasts.

The second is the "+" button on the top right corner of your homepage, which is more complete.

1. Post

Station Post was launched in 2010. You can post photos and videos. Each post will only occupy a small part of the screen after posting, not a full-screen display, and will be permanently saved in the account (unless deleted).

There are two ways to post.

Directly shoot video up to 60 seconds in length.

The second is to select material from your phone. Both photos and videos can be used. You can also choose photos and videos as a collection and post them together, commonly known as multi-picture rotation or rotation post. The total number can not exceed 10. A single video length can not exceed 60 seconds.

Carouselpost: It can increase the weight given by the algorithm to a certain extent because the audience stays on the carousel post for a longer time.

When you are done selecting photos or videos, click Continue in the upper right corner to go to the next step.

After selecting the material, you can edit the post

Three main functions are introduced:

Lux: Lux means "light" in Latin and can make the photo more distinctive. Click the sun symbol at the top of the page to open Lux.

Lux: I have to admire the care of foreigners in the filter effect, the full 24 filter effects. Here is not to explain in depth. We take what you need.

Edit: There are 12 kinds of adjusting tilt angle, brightness, contrast, structure, tone, color, fade, shine, light and shadow, star shadow, shift, and sharpness.

Instagram's primary photo function, in photo editing, beautification, or putting great effort into adjusting the completion, click the upper right corner to continue.

1.1 Add description (caption) Write a caption limited to 2200 characters, about 300-400 words.

Use a maximum of 30 tags, up to @30 accounts, with tags such as #book, with one space between tags.

1.2 Tagging users Tag People

Tag up to 20 people, usually not used so much.

This feature is compelling. We should pay more attention to it

Some brands will do online celebrity marketing, and online celebrities will tag these brand accounts when they post, so their posts will appear in the tag section of the brand account.

If we also want to do online celebrity marketing, we can directly look for the celebrities in the tag section of the target brand account, which can save time in searching and investigating the stars.

1.3 Add Location

The added address can be a city, region, store, business, etc.

This function is also very important. After we use a specific tag, our posts will be categorized under that tag.

Similarly, when we add an address, the post will also be classified under that address tag, which is an essential channel for exposure.

For example, if you open a restaurant and post a picture of your signature dish and tag the location.

When a user shares the post, their followers will know the exact location of the restaurant without having to check the information and will be redirected to the map page when they click on it.

1.4 Create a Promotion

It is an advertising function similar to Jitterbug's Shake Plus and TikTok's Promote function. The promotion marketing system for a single video has the process of automatically defining ads and creating ads by yourself. To put it more accurately, you must choose to create your audience.

-Promote goal: can be set to increase the number of visits to the home page, increase the number of visits to the site, attract more users to send messages

-Create Audience: Choose the desired target users more precisely, including region, interest, and age

-Budget and placement period: The budget range is 12 to 6000 RMB, placement days up to 30 days

Note that the photos should be in high definition if the resolution is too low to be placed

After the promotion conditions are set, you can add payment information. Tax information does not need to fill in, add the payment method can be a VISA card or Mastercard.

After completing all the steps, you can publish the promotion post.

1.5 Post to other accounts Post to other accounts

Instagram and Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Sina Weibo are interconnected. If your Instagram account is bound to the above platforms, you can post to other media simultaneously.

In the advanced settings page, you can hide the number of likes and views of your posts and turn off comments, but of course, this feature is turned off for everyone.

If you turn it on, users will see that your post has 0 likes and views, and they will think your post is terrible, and they will no longer have the following action of entering your account, liking, and commenting.

If your material is ported, you can turn it off if you are worried about people leaving malicious comments, etc.

1.6 Adding Sponsored Tags

Instagram introduced the paid partner feature in 2017

A way for brands and creators to collaborate, where the netizen account agrees to work with the brand to publish marketing and promotional posts

The brand adds the creator account as a partner in the background of the Ins account before the creator can search and add the brand account at the add sponsor tag.

As shown below, after the post is published, Paid partnership with XXX (brand) will appear, informing fans that this post is a marketing post. Click on this line. You can jump to the brand's Ins account.

This is not the wrong way to increase powder and brand marketing.

2. Shot Story

The story has several knowledge points to understand:

-Launched in 2016

Adopt a full-screen format to display

-Posts will disappear after 24 hours (unless bookmarked or converted into a Story Highlight)

-Viewers cannot publicly like or comment

-10,000 followers to add a link to a post

-Posting is a powerful feature that

-Videos, with 38% user engagement, are more popular than photos

According to Hubspot's research, videos are ideally 25 to 30 seconds long, and the average video length for videos with the most comments is 26 seconds.

Before the introduction of Reels, Instagram was strictly a social media like people sharing photos, so their processing and optimization of images are potent.

Snapshots have 6 main features, and technically 7, including the camera effect feature displayed when you swipe the shoot button to the left.

2.1 Creat

Aa This function is shown in text form, and the system generates a greeting card and motion picture for you for user interaction.

The system will recommend a background template for you, and you can change the background template by clicking the circle at the bottom right corner of the interface.

Take the following picture as an example, and create a greeting card. There are functions at the top of the page, such as saving as a picture, adding the link, adding a sticker, free doodle, text, and so on.

After all the functions are set up, click Share to publish it to Snapshot or send it to someone individually in a private message.

2.2 Boomerang

The most important function of a Boomerang is to loop a short video from a series of photos.

The most outstanding feature is that the posts made by Boomerang will be loaded automatically and played in a loop, a bit like the small videos in WeChat's circle of friends.

2.3 Layout

Layout puzzle function, you can take multiple photos and form a multi-captioned grid, and you can choose up to 9 frames.

2.4 Multi-Capture

The regular Instagram photo function can only take one photo at a time, but Multi-Capture can take 8 pictures in a row and edit and publish them separately.

As shown in the figure below, click the photo button to take a photo once, and then select Continue to enter the photo editing page to edit the photo one by one.

2.5 Hands-Free

When you use this feature after you click the Start Shooting button, Instagram will automatically record the video. After 15 seconds of recording, it will automatically switch to the next 15 seconds of video recording, and you can record 4 15 seconds of video in total.

2.6 Level

The Level is the camera interface to add nine official grids. You can refer to Level production as a secondary function that can be used simultaneously with other parts.

2.7 Seventh function

In addition to the above six shooting functions, at the shooting button, there is a row of similar effects to choose from, like the stickers we played in the early days. I prefer to call it the seventh function.

These functions can be used together with the above 6 functions.

2.8 Story Highlight

Snapshot Highlights can only be videos

For example, if you have posted many snapshot videos, you can choose some of the best ones for your homepage, and the first thing users will see when they enter the homepage is the best version of these videos.

Story Highlight will disappear after 24 hours, but if you set it as a Snapshot Highlight, it will always be displayed in the Snapshot Highlight column.

There are three ways to create a Snapshot Featured

First, after posting a snap, there will be an option to "Post to Snapshots."

Secondly, you can click "New" on the home page and select from the previous snapshots.

Third, within 24 hours after posting a snap, click on the avatar in the upper left corner of the account homepage to view the content of the snap, and then click on "Featured."

2.9 Swip up to shop

Add link function is also called Swipe up to shop, swipe up post to place order to buy

The most powerful feature of the Instagram story should be the ability to add links. Users can click on the links to jump to buy the products they like on the post, which shortens the order path and effectively improves the conversion rate.

The premise is that your account should have 10,000 followers

In the release story, there will be a hyperlink option. Click and enter the URL.

3. Live broadcast

Live streaming is an excellent way to increase the weight of your account.

Instagram also makes it relatively simple to open a live broadcast. You can directly click on it.

What is interesting is that you can also open the special effects when you open the live broadcast, of course, not the domestic live play thin face, whitening, and other special effects, such as sticker-type effects.

After the live broadcast, you can share the video with IGTV, download the video and delete the footage in three options. Live sharing to IGTV is still a rare practice.

07 Function introduction

Instagram account has four sections: personal page, dynamic, search page, and account homepage, and there are still more contents under each section.

1. Personal Page Personal Page

The "+" sign in the upper right corner can publish posts, snapshots, snapshots, IGTV videos, live streaming, etc.

1.1 Advertising Center Promotion

Promote the posts you have published. The process is the same as Creating a Promotion when publishing videos.

1.2 Effectiveness Analysis Insights

Insights provide an accurate picture of the account's performance in general and by content type.

You can view the number of post views, interactions, and specific post and snapshot analysis data over the past 90 days.

The Reach Number on the page shows the user's reach of the post.

Fans and Non-Fans: The categories of users who viewed your post are divided into fans and non-fans.

-Content type: reflects the traffic situation of posts, IGTV, and snapshots. We can judge our next posting strategy accordingly

-Popular snapshots: You can check which snapshots and which types are more popular among users

Among the audience, you can view fan-specific data. Popular regions, age ranges, and gender are the most noteworthy.

If the operation of Ins is to guide the flow to Amazon, independent sites, these three indicators directly determine the quality of the account.

Products sold to which country and region, how the consumer group portrait, from the audience data, can be determined, the account diversion has not run off the most active time is the fan of the active situation histogram, you can publish posts according to the most active fan time.

1.3 Document list

At the bottom of the personal homepage is a list of four modules, also called the document list. When the corresponding post (Post, IGTV, navigation, tag) is published, it will appear in the corresponding column.

2. Like Dynamic Likes Dynamic

You can see other people's attention and likes on your situation.

3. Search Page Search & Explore

The search page is the primary channel for post-exposure. Half of Instagram users use this section every month.

The search page suggests posts, videos, snaps, Reels, or IGTV that may interest users, and the recommendations are dynamic so that no two search pages are identical.

If you don't like the current system recommendations, you can scroll down and refresh.

When you click the search box, there are four contents: popular recommendations, accounts, tags, and locations,

For example, if you type in the vape and select the tag, there are two interfaces: popular and latest.

The popularity interface is sorted by the overall traffic performance of recent posts, and the latest interface is sorted by posting time.

Note that if our tags use a particularly powerful and generic vocabulary, your post will not get exposure because there are too many people using the title every second.

4. Instagram Feed

When you open Instagram, the software will automatically enter the home page. The home page is also called Instagram feed, information flow, or information dynamic. You can slide up and down to browse the posts of your following account.

Instagram Feed will push the content of the accounts you follow and the content the system thinks you might like. The accounts the system thinks you follow the most and the content you want will be displayed at the top.

In the top stone corner of the interface is the message button, which allows you to send real-time messages by searching for an account.

At the top of the interface is the Story snap dynamics of the account you are following. If the other person has posted a Story snap within 24 hours, the account avatar will be displayed here.

You can see the number of likes, comments, and retweets of other people's posts, and you can also favorite the posts.

In the picture below, click the three dots in the upper right corner of the post to see more functions.

The most common one is the copy link function, which can be used to download videos or pictures.

08 Function Introduction

When we brush Ins, we often come across some accounts with a "store" button and a logo in the upper right corner of the post, which means that the account has opened an Ins store.

Click on the post. It is obvious to see the difference between the post and its ordinary post

First, the post has a description of the tag goods. Each picture can tag up to 5 products, a post can contain multiple pictures, and up to 20 products can tag.

Second, the post has "view products" and "store" signs.

Click on the tag product logo and "view products" to see the details of the product.

By clicking on the store, you can see the stores opened by the Ins account.

It is very convenient and shortens the purchase path for users, much more convenient than entering from the account BIO URL.

Unfortunately, despite such a good feature, Ins is only open to a few regions.

If you are in these areas, you also need to meet 2 conditions:

First, the Instagram account business must be based on selling physical goods. That is, you can not sell services such as virtual things!

Second, your Instagram profile must be a business profile, and your business must comply with the Instagram business transaction policy.

Officials have given specific rules to guide the opening of the store.

09 Giveaway Operation Tips

The most important point of playing Instagram is the question of how to quickly increase the number of fans and increase the exposure of your brand.

So what is the most direct way to increase the powder?

Send money, advertising ~~~

The first reaction will not be this answer.

There is a direct way to engage in giveaway marketing activities.

1, marketing activities to know the things

To engage in activities, first, you need to consider the following matters

1.1 What are the marketing objectives

Before the event has to do a practical job planning activities, from 0-1, each step should be fully considered.

The first thing to be clear is why the event?

Is it to increase the powder, increase user participation, and fans to close the distance to please fans, promote products, and enhance brand awareness?

Figure out the ultimate goal of the activity to have a target. The various aspects of the action will be closed around the theme to carry out.

1.2 What is the prize

Next, consider what will be given away. The best giveaway is a product that will excite and attract users to participate.

If your brand works with another brand, you don't have to give away your products. You can give away the partner's products, an event co-hosted by both parties, and the brands can channel each other.

For example, beauty retailer SpaceNK has partnered with luxury resorts to offer users prizes for travel vacations.

1.3 What are the rules

What kind of users do users need to do to participate in the campaign? For example: how long will the contest last, and what is the start date?

Are there any regional restrictions, as some areas cannot be delivered by courier? Are there any age restrictions?

1.4 How the winners will be announced

Generally will take such as the number of high likes to select. Random can also be used, such as Easypromos and comment pickers.

Fishpond third-party software to automatically select.

The method of publication is to publish a post or in the comments begging to be published. These have to speak.

In short, as long as you ensure fairness and openness, otherwise, the activity will be counterproductive.

Of course, compliance with Instagram's community rules is a must.

10 Netflix Marketing

Netflix marketing is an important part of social media marketing, especially to do a giveaway, shoutouts, and other activities on Instagram will involve Netflix marketing. The results are also very Yi out.

People who have never done it before may think it is a noble thing, but it is not. You pay, he gets the commission, partnership, that's all.

Netflix marketing involves a lot of content, including marketing planning, Netflix analysis, cooperation process, traffic tracking, etc. If you want to speak deeply about the Netflix camp, you need to write another tens of thousands of words out. Here is an introduction to Netflix marketing, so you have a surface understanding of Netflix marketing.

1. What is an Instagram celebrity?

An Instagram celebrity has a certain level of fame on Instagram, either as a celebrity or as a creator, blogger, or even a regular person in a specific field.

Instagram's Netflix marketing has become an industry chain, with the Instagram Netflix market expected to grow 15% to reach a market value of $5.8 billion by the end of 2021.

Netflix can influence the buying habits of their followers, especially in some niche areas, and users trust them more. Current segments of popular Netflix on Ins include:


-Humor and Funny

-Literature and news



-Nature and Landscape


-Extreme sports and outdoor activities

2. Type of Netflix

According to the number of fans, Netflix can be classified into five levels, nano, micro, medium, large, and supertype.

2.1 Nano Netflix (1,000-100,000)

The accounts have 1,000 to 10,000 followers, but Netflix is usually not their primary job because of the small number of followers and, therefore, fewer advertising announcements. These weblebrities mainly promote their products on Instagram Stories, especially videos, which is also related to the current trend that video-based posts on Instagram will be more popular.

I prefer to work with these weblebrities, who run their accounts more finely and get a higher engagement rate, around 5%, compared to 2.2% for most weblebrities.

2.2 Micro Netizens (10,000-100,000)

Accounts with 10,000 to 100,000 followers account for 47% of all Instagram accounts.

This category may be a bit more expensive, but the results are still possible.

2.3 Medium-sized Netizens (100k-500k)

Accounts have 100,000 to 500,000 followers, accounting for 26% of all Instagram accounts. This kind of account does not have the interactivity of micro Netflix and users, but it has higher influence and engagement than large or super Netflix accounts.

2.4 Large Netflix (500,000-1 million)

Large-scale weblebrities are between super weblebrities (celebrities) and medium-sized weblebrities. Most of them became famous by producing Vog or entertaining content. If the marketing goal is to reach more users and increase brand awareness, it is an excellent choice to cooperate with large weblebrities.

2.5 Super Netizens (1 million or more)

Netizens with millions of followers are the top stream accounts on Instagram, with great fame and influence. Their fan profiles are more complex, with different regions and preferences, not vertical enough, and the relationship between netizens and fans is not as close as other netizens.

These weblebrities are more helpful to brand marketing, but the cost is higher than others.

3. The Purpose of Netflix Marketing

There are three primary purposes of Netflix marketing:

To improve brand awareness. Mainly big brands, these brands have already gathered a lot of fans, and cooperating with weblebrities is the icing on the cake of marketing initiatives.

Broaden the market. With the fans' goodwill and trust in the weblebrity, they can quickly gain fans and expand the market. Cashing in on goods. The final point of Netflix marketing is to realize cash. Instagram Netflix has a strong stickiness with fans and a high degree of user participation, which makes the promotion more effective. All marketing that does not aim at realizing cash is to be rogue.

At the same time, there are other benefits of working with Netflix, such as Netflix will produce more up-to-date pictures or video materials, and many Netflix will work with professional photographers with high-quality content. We have the right to use these materials in our future marketing for secondary marketing, etc.

4. Netflix Marketing Costs

The cost of Netflix marketing is mostly the result of negotiation between the promoter and Netflix. There is no specific standard, one is willing to fight, and the other is willing to suffer. The following data is the cost of each post as a reference.

Nano Netflix (1k-100k followers) : $10-$100

Micro Netflix (10k-100k followers): $100-$500

Medium size (100k-500k followers): $500-5000

Large (500,000-1,000,000 followers): $5,000-10,000

Super Netflix (1 million+ followers) : $10,000+ USD

We can also use tools like Inzpire to calculate the approximate cost of an online celebrity collaboration.

Fill in the weblebrity account, the number of posts you want them to publish, and the number of snapshots. Inzpire will help you calculate the estimated metrics, such as post reach and average engagement, as well as the estimated price of the ad post.

5. Three essential tools for Netflix marketing

There are many online celebrity marketing platforms on the market that can analyze online celebrity accounts, fan profiles, engagement, posting, traffic, etc. You can't say which one is good or bad, but the data of each platform complement each other and can be used in combination for better results. Grin: is one of the best online celebrity marketing software, which provides data of 37 million online celebrities on Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, and Twitch. Upfluence: PayPal and Microsoft's online marketing software.

Upfluence: Used by brands such as PayPal and Microsoft, this platform allows you to set a price point and find weblebrities that meet specific With over 500 million weblebrities to choose from, it offers both manual and custom ways to find weblebrities, you just define the campaign and the ideal weblebrity, and the automated system will find the most suitable weblebrity

The advantages of these three platforms are obvious in discovering new weblebrities, managing activities, providing analysis data, etc.

6. Steps for cooperation with weblebrities

There are six main steps:

6.1 Do the preliminary work

Many people ignore the importance of developing a promotion plan when doing Netflix marketing, resulting in late work that is not known how to carry out or is carried out in a disorderly manner.

It is also necessary to determine the product, budget, target customers, and other content.

6.2 Find Netflix

This is technical work. The above-mentioned three Netflix marketing tools can be used as a reference to cooperate with Netflix, making a good marketing cooperation program the basis, but also to examine whether Netflix with the brand image and product characteristics match always can not let a vegetarian Netflix carry meat products. To check the engagement of the weblebrities, you can check the interaction between the weblebrities and their fans from the comment section of the account. You can also check the quality of the fans, whether there is a situation of buying powder, brushing comments, etc. There are already jobs available in the market, such as Netflix marketer and marketing specialist.

6.3 Determine who to cooperate with

After you find a weblebrity, you need to contact the weblebrity, including e-marketing, writing invitation letters, etc. Finding a weblebrity and determining the target of cooperation can be done through MCN companies, agents, and other intermediaries. Still, the cost of intermediaries may be higher than that of weblebrity marketing.

For small and medium-sized buyers, it is better to do it yourself and save a little bit.

6.4 Sending samples

This person's process time is relatively long, so it is recommended to send a few more samples. You can tell him that he can carry out giveaway activities to fans or to family and friends to use. It can be perfect for pulling in the distance to lay a good foundation for future cooperation again.

6.5 Copywriting, video on how to shoot

Copywriting can give advice, especially to do joint marketing. You can refer to this template and get 15% off all products on until xxx(time) with the code "xxx".worldwide shipping! Follow @XXX on Instagram/Facebook/YouTube/TikTok for more styles and offers! Not to the last resort, it is best not to guide or interfere with each other to shoot video unless he has a certain video script particularly well. You can directly suggest referring to the hand to shoot.

6.6 Measuring effectiveness

The real money from the silver smashed in always analyzes the effectiveness of

The main thing is to see what the purpose of your promotion is, whether it's for sales or clicks and downloads. All these elements should be included in the marketing plan.

As long as you have done Netflix marketing, your net sense will be decisive. The important thing is to take the first step.

11 account is a limited guide

Every platform has its own game rules, and Ins is no exception.

If the account violates the rules, the account will be partially restricted until the number is blocked.

1. Ins have what rules ban

Ins has two sets of rules, bright and dark

The bright is the public community rules. Social media general community rules are similar, basically pornography, gambling, drugs, children, violence, and other undesirable content.

The dark is the officially unacknowledged Shadowban (shadow ban). I prefer to call him the outrageous tag ban general rules mainly for daily operations, while Shadowban is more mainly for using tags. Some specific tags on Ins can not be used.

Some users do not know that they used the banned hashtags, which leads to posts being posted out, local traffic, account drops, and so on, and the official will not notify you, a face of confusion.

Therefore, you need to pay attention when your account has a massive drop in traffic.

There is no official Ins explanation for the shadowing ban, which can only be summarized from various aspects of experience.

The official Ins post can be seen to explain and mud, meaning that you have to send a good video, send a quality video, just do not mention the specifics of the ban.

2. the type of account is restricted, and the time

There are mainly 4 categories.

2.1 Traffic restrictions

It is to limit the flow. This situation is the most common

After violating the rules, your account will receive punishment. The most intuitive feeling is that your account has no traffic and is steeply declining.

The posts published after the flow restriction will only be public to your fans; non-fan accounts can not see them.

2.2 Function Restrictions

In the process of use, some functions are restricted, such as commenting, posting, and other parts, are restricted.

Some functions are restricted mainly for you to operate too frequently, such as you often like, follow, and private message others. The system will be targeted to limit.

A severe post can not be sent out.

2.3 Banning time

The appearance of being permanently blocked and the account deleted can only say goodbye, by the complaint is also useless.

If the first time you encounter functional restrictions, a temporary blocking situation, usually within 48 hours to unblock.

Ins will not notify you after the restriction of your account, resulting in most people continuing to operate the account after the account is restricted. These operations are likely to be illegal operations, resulting in the prolongation of the ban time.

3. How to find out the account is restricted

There are two ways

First, check the account analysis data

If the account is restricted, the number of views, likes, and comments on the post will fall off a cliff.

For normal account posts, the proportion of non-fans watching is still relatively high, but the proportion of non-fans watching posts restricted account is only human digits, or even 0.

Second, the account is viewed by non-fan accounts.

It may be a restricted account to post a post, with no mutual concern account, through the search tag to see if your post appears in the latest list. If not, it may be restricted.

It should be noted that #folowme #f4f and other popular tags, too many people are using a second too many posts with the tag. If you search for the title to see if your account is in the latest list of tags, it is a bit hanging, with a slightly colder tag to test.

4.  the reason for the restriction

The reasons are still quite a lot. Know the grounds. We know what can be for and which can not be.

4.1 Labeling issues

Ins stringent control of the use of tags, the use of some prohibited tags will directly limit the flow, resulting in posts that can not be sent out or posts sent out only fans can see.

The tags that can not be used can be divided into two categories.

One is the ban tag

Such as #shit #kill #wtf and other yellow gambling, violence, and gore words. These words are permanently banned. We respect and stay away from

The second is the censorship tag.

These tags are sometimes banned, but sometimes can be used, such as #shower #desk #kissing, etc... These words can only say caution. You do not know which day he screwed up again can not be used, such as #desk #alone #asia, etc., looks no more normal tags, but also will be censored a face.

These tags make people defensive.

When posting, you can create your hashtag database and search all the hashtags to see if they are censored or banned.

How to check? Just remember how to do it. Google Instagram shadowban word list and other phrases, and you'll get a bunch of verification sites and lists.

4.2 Multi-computer login

Ins accounts are best used on one computer and one phone, do not switch to other devices.

Even if you use the same node, the system will think your account has multiple places to log in there is a risk of theft, giving you wind control.

Keep one machine, although you can log in with multiple accounts

The operation of various logins on one device and frequent switching of accounts will make the system decide whether you are a machine operation or a spam number.

4.3 Frequent operations

A normal account will not operate frequently and within a short period

Posting, following, shutting down, liking, commenting, retweeting, private messaging, @ others, posting, etc., any one operation too fast and frequently is to cause wind control.

A lot of attention to others is the regular operation to increase the powder, after a while to take off and then focus on others, this operation is still very popular in previous years, but now it is not.

An account can continuously focus on, take off how many accounts, no one can say the specific number, depends on whether the account is old or new, whether the node is stable, the frequency and number of likes and comments, whether frequent private messages others, etc., will affect how many people you can focus on at once, will not limit the flow.

The old number can not think that everything is fine. There are 6 years old number of one-time attention to about 15 accounts, hanging ~

Here is a value for your reference, only reference, not absolute.

Every hour, the number of likes, comments, messages, concerns, and take-offs can not exceed 60 times. For new accounts, the limit is 30 times.

Do not exceed 50 in 10 minutes, and let the program rest for at least 1 hour before operating. For new accounts, this limit is 20 times.

At the same time, to attract traffic, you can @ others in the copy and comments section, but not frequently and indiscriminately @ others, especially if the person you @ is not your friend. The system will think you are harassing others.

4.5 Post problem

Many people blame the account being blocked to limit the flow of the problem to frequent attention while ignoring other issues.

The problems that appear on the post are details that need more attention

(1) too long without change. Yes, even if the previous performance of your account is more excellent, more posts, but too long without updates, posting, interaction, etc. The system will consider the account a zombie number and pull you to close the small black room.

(2) No posts or only a few posts. A few posts will also be judged as a spam number

(3) duplicate content. This is a mistake that most people will make

-Repeatedly posting a post

-Repeatedly using the same copy, tags, comments

-Tagging the same account repeatedly

(4) Inappropriate content. Whether in the copy or comment section, messages such as pornography, abusive, racist, and other inappropriate content that violates community rules, can be a problem.

(5) Modify the post. Posts are best not to change after the release, occasionally for the problem, can not be modified often, and not all posts are released and then modified

(6) copyright issues

First, the content is carried out and screened out by the system.

Second is the copyright issue. Your post on Ins is the first release, but the release of content related to originality, and copyright issues, was reported as also the result of deletion. If your account is used for commercial purposes, not only will the reserve be blocked, but you will also be asked to compensate for financial losses.

The material is best taken by yourself or downloaded on free material websites. If you carry other people's material, it is best to be authorized. Sharing and forwarding is the best original account.

4.6 Comment problem

It is improper to comment on content as mentioned above.

Is the repeated use of a comment

For example, some players use automation techniques to attract traffic to the user to send the exact content of private messages and comments.

If your birthday is that day, you are happy to post a post to get a lot of likes. You want to post back one by one to express gratitude. All use "THX" sorry, this also has the risk.

4.7 Account problems

First, incomplete information. Avatar, Jane, personal information such as account incomplete will affect the system's judgment of the quality of your account

Second, the information is the same. To increase traffic flow, will use many accounts created to play. However, if you have the same account avatar, brief, contact information, and even links will cause account association, and there is a limit to the flow of potential problems.

Third, poor security. When the system feels that your account has security problems, you will be reminded to bind your cell phone, email, etc., to confirm identity, which is already a severe warning. For account security, especially for brand numbers, it is better to bind cell phone, email, and other information.

4.8 User complaints

If your video is inappropriate for children, it is customary to have complained.

But I've seen videos of baked fish being complained about and deleted.

If there is more sensitive content, it is best to have in advance in the text or video front warning users to observe.

4.9 Machine operation

Buy powder, buy comments, bot software to increase the powder is hit the gun operation.

The naked eye can determine whether the account is a machine in operation, these accounts will have an avatar borrowed from simple or even no, the amount of attention but little fans, there is nothing to post and other characteristics of non-normal accounts.

4.10 Political reasons

4.11 Violation of rules

Each platform has its own rules. For authentication, see the link below. Ins rules, do not step on the red line

5. How to do

If you find that the account is restricted, how to do, follow these steps

5.1 Do not operate

Stop posting, commenting, liking, retweeting, and other operations because you may not know where the problem lies.

5.2 Report the problem

There are three channels to report to Ins officials that your account has been restricted.

One is to inform directly.

There is a Tell Us or Learn more button when the officer tells you that your account is wrong, click on it and say to the official that your operation is in compliance and you have been following the community rules.

Click Learn more to jump to the website page, select "Let us know" at the bottom, and choose your account as a business or personal number on the next page.

Next, fill in your account details, including your full name, Instagram account name, and email address.

If it is a corporate account, you can upload company credentials such as a registration certificate, domain email confirmation letter, business license, etc.

Click "Send" to wait for the email notification after completion.

Second, enter the background to report the problem

If the official did not send you a message, but your background data has told you your account has been restricted, immediately enter the account background, Settings > Help > Report a problem > Error, to inform the official that your account problems need assistance, etc...

Third, login to the official website.

If the account has been restricted, log in to the official website to appeal.

From everyone's experience, don't get your hopes up. All accounts that have been restricted, especially those that have been banned, are gone.

5.3 Delete third-party applications

If you have authorized a third-party platform or software for some Ins account permissions, it is time to contact the association because you are not clear whether these associations caused the account to be restricted.

Web-version goes to your background, Settings > Applications and Websites > Authorized.

5.4 Re-login

What to do if there is a problem with the software restart the phone.

5.5 etc.

What should not be done is done. What should be done is also done. The rest, leave it to God's will.

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