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Shopify lead generation tutorial

All-around attraction

Write in front of first understand the characteristics of each diversion platform, and then diversion planning.

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Shopify lead generation tutorial

New Shopify stores need to attract traffic to promote and operate. So how, in the end, do an excellent job of traffic operation? This tutorial will give you a systematic explanation of how Shopify attracts traffic and make you more familiar with the primary traffic sources. I also have a lot of Facebook and other Shopify tutorials on this blog, so if you combine them with this guide, you'll get better results.

How to drive traffic to Shopify?

Shopify's front-end traffic channels can be divided into advertising, social media marketing, and SEO, of which paid advertising is the most common way to drive traffic, as it is more direct, fast, and easy to use than other traffic generation methods. Next, I will separate the chapters to explain the advantages and disadvantages of each channel and the detailed operation method.

How to drive traffic through ads on Shopify

First of all, ads can be divided into free and paid ads. Free ads are very common soft posts and other manually published ads, which are generally human propaganda on the corresponding websites after you find your target consumer group. And paid advertising includes paid Reddit channels and advertising channels like Facebook.

Researching competitors to attract traffic

Before you start to do your promotion to attract traffic, the most important thing you should do is to study the promotion methods of your competitors because this is the quickest way to learn.

The first thing you can do is research the competitor's website through external links. I will use Ahrefs as an example. Search the competitor's outbound links in Ahrefs and see which of the competitor's outbound links have made the most significant difference to their traffic. When you find the competitor's core promotion channels, you can choose to contact the other web admin to carry out your cooperation or perhaps directly

yourself to the post (because sometimes the other site is free to post, such as the forum).

You can also research your competitors' advertising records through the factory data tool. The following are some of the most popular tools for advertising research.

-The "Info and Ads" tool under Facebook's brand page. If the person you are researching has a Facebook homepage, you may be able to find the Info and Ads button at the bottom of his homepage and find his ads.

-Moat: There is a free feature, but it is somewhat limited, as you can only see the design and placement of ads for mobile or computer.

It's only available for mobile or computer.

25 analysis tools to detect competitors websites






-Swiped. co


In addition to ad data tools and outbound links, you can use search alerts to find traces of your competitors' promotions. This method is used by many people, and it works well. Open the Google search engine and enter the search format below to find the corresponding site's traffic generator.

Free forum traffic

Forum advertising is a very common Shopify traffic generator, and once you find out that your competitors are also promoting through forum advertising, you can immediately follow suit. Although forums are very open platforms, foreign forums often have restrictions, such as the following.

-Newly registered users are restricted to posting and can only reply to posts. In this situation, please do not mind the trouble. After all, the forum to promote does not pay. Can you expect it not to take time?

-Can not send links. This situation is a minority. Most forums allow links to be sent. You can also post the link through xmgseo [dot] com on this form.

-The link will be deleted quickly. For example, Reddit is this kind of forum where people see soft ads that quickly appear negative feelings and then constantly downvote or ask the administrator to delete the post. When you encounter this situation, you can only please write your soft copy, which is a little more advanced and not so easy to be found to be a soft copy. This often requires a certain level of experience and ability

-The first thing that you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing. The strategy and routine are pronounced, that is, by buying the account yourself and then keep posting advertising content. Some people also purchase click-through and topping services after posting their ads. The third party is hired to ensure they do not sink all at once.

I will talk about a few misconceptions about free forums, and Reddit is not a good place to start. Because the crowd is not accurate and the rules are complicated, it is not suitable for you to waste time promoting. The forums promoted by competitors found through tools tend to be ideal for most Shopify sellers. Reddit and Quora have ads, and many Shopify sites like Acler have a track record of promoting forums, and you can find a bunch of Korean forums by doing a precise bbs keyword search through ahrefs. In other words, if Acler is your competitor, you can follow his promotion strategy in some Korean language forums.

Forum promotion also requires soft copy support, and if you are not a good writer, you can consider the following sources to hire professional writers. An excellent soft copy can also be posted in your own Shopify blog section.

Fiverr. Five hundred words for about $5. The quality of writing is average, and Fiverr is full of amateur writers who can only help you write quickly by using some spinbot-like machine. I don't use Fiverr's writing service myself.

-I don't use the text service on Fiverr myself. iWriter. Five hundred words cost about 3-7 USD. The quality is moderate, better than Fiverr, and you can refuse delivery if the other party writes too severely. However, many people in the Shopify community have given feedback after using iWriter, and the results are not good. Not suitable for SEO, but it can be used for a soft copy.

-TextBroker is even more expensive than iWriter, but the quality is also better. If you need high-quality text content to drive traffic, you can also use a text broker.

Free Pinterest Leads

This method, shared with me by a friend, is the Pinterest batch posting to attract traffic. It is a behavior that keeps opening accounts and publishing and can be achieved in bulk through scripts. This method is introduced to me by my friend, and although I want to test it myself, I suffer from a lack of time, so I have not tried it. I want to test it myself, but I don't have the time, so I haven't tested it. I'd like to mention it here to all Shopify web admins in the hope that it can be helpful.


Facebook ads are the mainstream means of attracting traffic to Shopify in China. You don't necessarily need to find a broker or service provider to open an account with Facebook Ads. You can also sign up yourself according to my Facebook account opening guide. You can also sign up by yourself according to my Facebook account opening guide. Then, after signing up, you can learn about Facebook's ad-blocking problem before placing ads.

Facebook ad placement requires ad review and to pass the ad review. It would help if you made sure that each of your ads meets Facebook's specifications, so I suggest you read my Facebook ad review tutorial before designing your ads. Also, if you need ad design ideas, you can check out Moat, which makes it easy to see the design history of different brands of Facebook ads of this type.

Finally, if you want to optimize your ad ideas, you can read my Facebook Ad Optimization Tips.

Google Ads

Google Ads is personally more costly than Facebook and operates differently. If I were to say that the most significant difference between Google Ads and Facebook Ads is, then it would be the lead generation model. Google ads appear when the user needs you, while Facebook is different. Facebook is more about trying to create or reach a market with videos and images. Whereas Google Ads is more about being precise and pushing at the moment when the user needs you. I haven't written an in-depth Google Sue tutorial in my blog, which will be added later.

Reddit Ads

Shopify also uses Reddit ads to drive traffic, both on mobile and PC, and Reddit's ad mechanism is much different from Facebook's and Google's. Ads on Reddit are mainly placed on the front page or in subreddit topics. Also, Reddit's ads are calculated directly based on CPM, and the minimum budget for advertising is $5.

According to my experience, not all products are suitable for Reddit advertising. It depends on the industry. It depends on the industry. The careless operation of Reddit can give you a terrible ROI.

Quora Ads

Quora ads are more suitable for Saas or professional products, not general consumer products. However, if your Shopify site sells professional services or products, then consider Quora, as Quora can give you perfect branding and a very low CPL. Quora can often have a higher ROI for many industries and products than Facebook and Google ads.

So if your Shopify is selling professional products or products for white-collar use, be sure to consider Quora ads.

Other advertising revenue generators

There are still a lot of channels available for advertising, and I highly recommend that you try them out for a small fee. Without testing and comparison, you can't tell which one is the most worthy of your investment. At the same time, I also strongly oppose judging the advantages and disadvantages directly through average data. For example, Google's average CPC may be very high, but your keywords may not be because the industry and keywords are different! So be sure to test to get a more reliable conclusion.

How to drive traffic to Shopify through social media

Shopify can also rely on social media, and the mainstream is, of course, Facebook and Instagram. Although the main discussion here is about Facebook and Instagram social media account fans, do not ignore some industry forums. Some Shopify webmasters I know are rooted in industry forums, posting daily to brush up on their presence and then gradually developing their forum followers.

Next, I will discuss the strategy of raising fans for Instagram and Facebook separately.


Instagram can open an enterprise number. If not, a personal account can also do promotion. For many newcomers to Instagram, it is a real problem to raise followers. I have tried many Instagram account development tools in the market, such as the following ones.

-Socialcaptain: It costs a lot, I've used their most advanced package, and it didn't work.

-Combin. It needs to be downloaded to a computer and run again. It's useless except for bulk likes and comments. It's the computer version of social captain.

-Hootsuite. Use with caution. This software likes to charge directly. It is easy to receive an annual fee deduction after you have tied your credit card. It is useless except for posting.

I've tried some of the above apps on my way to increasing followers on Instagram, and Socialcaptain claims to work in 1 to 3 hours. But I was disappointed. If you want to increase your followers on Instagram, the best way is to get Redditors to repost and include your account. This way, you can turn other people's followers into your followers directly, and it works faster and costs less.

Another way to increase Instagram followers is through the recommendations of offsite celebrity bloggers. Currently, some bloggers will recommend some industry Instagram accounts from time to time, and you can get others to post your Instagram through cooperation. This is also a kind of Instagram offsite traffic.

If you want to buy fans, I will not hinder you. But the color powder often does not have much conversion rate. In other words, the powder is only a little better than zombie powder. If you want to raise Instagram accounts, the above method is a quicker way.

In addition to these Reddit and recommended methods, Instagram's natural traffic you can also try to get a little. The main thing is to capture traffic from different hashtags by posting many posts consistently. Because other Instagram hashtags will also have other traffic, you can try to capture traffic by optimizing the hashtags of your Instagram posts.


Facebook followers can be divided into Facebook topic pages, groups, and personal accounts. All three have different means of follower generation. See below

The fastest way to raise fans on Facebook theme pages is to run ads on Facebook. Many brands will use their Facebook theme page as a landing page for advertising, which is a feasible solution to lead each other to follow their Facebook theme page through advertising and activities. In addition, the theme page can now be used as an inbound identity. In other words, instead of using your own everyone identity, you can use your brand identity to apply for access to some Facebook exchange groups. By using the identity of these brand pages in the group, you can also pull in a lot of attention and fans. The most important thing is still the content on your topic page and your daily speech.

Facebook group traffic is a type of traffic that many people use, and the primary means of operation is to keep opening a huge number of groups. By increasing the number of groups and the number of topics covered, you can capture as much search traffic on Facebook as possible. In the past, many people in the country through some software to carry out a large number of group management, but under the strict management of Facebook, it is ineffective. At present, the construction of large-volume groups and attracting traffic is already physical work. If you have the patience, you can give it a try.

The core idea of Facebook personal account attraction is to increase the circle of friends. By constantly being active in Facebook's influential groups and the comments section of posts, you keep attracting people to add you, thus increasing the powder actively. In the past, it was much easier to raise personal accounts because Facebook is not strict about the number of friends to be added in a day. But now Facebook has strict limits on the number of friend requests sent out per account day, limiting the wild growth of many people from the algorithm level. To raise a personal Facebook account is to attract people to add friend requests to you actively. And one of the best ways to do that is, of course, to put out bait. I'm not going to go into depth here about what works as bait because if you think hard enough, you'll know what attracts the bees and what doesn't.

Whether it's Instagram or Facebook, the followers you attract are ultimately for your own Shopify. It's 2019 and past the days of wildly growing social media accounts. This year, content and means are indispensable to raising your social media accounts.

How Shopify drives traffic through SEO

SEO is a viable means of driving traffic to Shopify stores, regardless of the year. SEO can be divided into two main topics: onsite SEO and offsite SEO. For onsite SEO, I suggest you read my complete SEO guide. For offsite SEO, you still need to start from the perspective of external links, and as a Shopify operator, I suggest you read my tutorial on high-powered external links. If there is no way for Shopify players to get high-weight external links, then it is better to just open a lawsuit to the real because Shopify players are generally limited in SEO.

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