Black Friday marketing, how to leverage the influence of online celebrity KOLs?

The cost of living is rising due to inflation and the upcoming Black Friday allows potential customers to purchase more expensive Christmas gifts.

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01 Black Friday 2022 Marketing Trends

1.AR shop

This year, about 20 percent of AR users in the U.S. will use the technology to make purchases, for a total of 35 million AR retail users. That number is up 19 percent from last year and will continue to grow.

2. Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are now commonplace in the e-commerce world. From pet supplies to wine and dine, subscription boxes are found in all walks of life. Even if your brand doesn't usually offer subscription boxes, you can still take inspiration from successful brands and offer your customers a little surprise during the holiday season.


3、The main consumer is the younger generation

Official data shows that no generation can match the spending levels of the 25-44 age group. Therefore, brands targeting Millennials must connect with them through the most active social media channels such as Instagram and TikTok, which is why you need to include Netflix in your Black Friday marketing campaigns.

This chart shows that younger consumers spend far more on the web, mobile devices and tablets than any other generation.

The generation born after 2000 is the first generation to embrace digital in all aspects of their lives, which is why omnichannel sales/marketing is critical.

02 How does Netflix Black Friday marketing work?

1.Unboxing video

In a previous post on Black Friday marketing trends, Inpander mentioned the importance of subscription boxes. And working with Netflix overseas, unboxing videos are one of the most intuitive and direct ways to do this.

Unboxing videos capitalize on the sense of surprise people feel when they unbox a video and entice viewers to watch it. Unboxing videos help potential customers see details about the product, how the set is packaged, what the package looks like, and what the product is specifically intended for.

2. Discount Code, Affiliate Marketing

In addition to working with Netflix to create unboxing videos, it also provides Netflix with custom discount codes for Black Friday. It helps you track the results of your Netflix promotions faster.

To drive more conversions, you can allow Netflix to receive commissions through their discount codes, which is often referred to as affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing accounts for more than 16% of all e-commerce orders in the U.S. and Canada and is expected to grow by more than 10% in the next few years.

68% of consumers say they are more likely to buy a product because of a positive review from someone else. Brands may want to consider leveraging early preview content posted by influencers as Black Friday or Cyber Monday approaches and explaining to followers why they like your product. Leveraging Netflix influencers in this way will encourage their loyal viewers to ignore your product come the holiday season when there is a huge push in the marketplace.

03 Black Friday Netflix Marketing Examples


In 2020, Walmart partnered with six different funny bloggers on TikTok to bring the #UnwrapTheDeals campaign to TikTok. Walmart partnered with six other funny and entertaining bloggers on TikTok. The campaign encourages the use of the Walmart Black Friday AR, which will give customers a chance to win gifts.

Walmart partnered with celebrities like Zach King and Zahra Hashimee to help promote the campaign. The #UnwrapTheDeals campaign generated more than 5.5 billion reads and approximately 1 million pieces of UGC content.

2. Kopari Beauty

Kopari Beauty has these webmasters create holiday wish lists and share them online. These lists can be accessed by potential customers. They also include membership links and discount codes and give away free products on Instagram to further motivate people to buy.

3. GymShark

Rather than taking a direct approach with Netflix, GymShark used popular audio on TikTok to create their modalities in an attempt to promote the deep discounts on Black Friday through these viral videos. Because the tikTokers working with GymShark were micro-influencers, it was a highly cost-effective campaign.

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