Build a brand-user communication system for your website, make brand-user linking easier | Bclinked the best lightweight helpdesk software

Bclinked - Build a brand-user communication system for your website, make brand-user linking easier

Bclinked is a one-stop service provider for pre-sales information, post-sales support, and website user relationship development needs.

Bclinked | The best lightweight helpdesk software

| Systematic solutions | Best price | Universal and fast deployment |


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Why Bclinked is the most cost-effective answer ?

Improve your AOV and conversion funnel

What do you need to do to improve the effectiveness of your ads? Bclinked's support covers the user's consumption path, providing users with motivating pre-sales messages and showcasing your brand.

A well-developed support ticket system and multi-threaded forums allow you to cultivate user loyalty and continuously make your users your fans.

Let your users help you make your products better.

Great brands are always more eager to listen to users' needs and discover their shortcomings. No questionnaire is needed, Bclinked comes with a community, and a perfect support ticket system will help you.

Increase your traffic

Were you worried about over-reliance on pay-per-click? Give your website a traffic lever to pry more possibilities. Our SEO-friendly system enables you and your users to produce content that increases natural traffic to your site.

Boost your efficiency

Dramatically reducing the mechanical work of customer service, Bclinked's system provides users with more pre-sales information, giving your staff more energy to focus on closing deals.


Show your brand

Your brand identity should be showcased. Customize white-label products and custom fields with your text and descriptions.

Universal and fast deployment

When you are ready to use Bclinked, use Ctrl+V to complete the deployment, whether you are a Shopify, WordPress, WIX, or any other website builder or you build your website with the same support.

FAQ & Knowledge Base

-Built for your business, with fully customizable documentation for every product in the store.

-Built-in advanced real-time search bar that helps visitors easily find helpful information.

-Generate a table of contents in the document to make it easier for users to navigate.


User-friendly ticketing system

-Editable secondary support ticket guidance, allowing your users to submit questions more precisely.

-Customized email distribution so that feedback is better communicated.

-Conversational ticketing pages for a more comfortable user experience.

-Unified backend, making your monitoring and management more effortless.


Community Forum

-Custom boards and keywords keep your forum information well organized.

-Highlighted posts and post hiding system make you easier to manage.

-Support forum post submission support ticket for better user experience.

-Customizable gamified community rules to better drive user-generated content according to your needs.


SSO Single Sign-On

-Support Google account login. Users have no difficulty logging in quickly.

-User information collection.



-All-in-one backend to improve work efficiency.

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