How to provide excellent customer service with a team of 1 or 100 people

No matter how difficult it is to implement, providing excellent customer service should be one of the essential pillars of any business. Customers will never be able to tell if a company has a large customer service team or just one. Customer service best practices not only increase profits but also help retain customers.

Check out these best practices to make sure your business takes care of every customer and sale - whether it's online on your eCommerce store or social media or offline at your store or industry location.

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Deliver exceptional customer service online

Whether your team is small or large to handle requests, there are many best practices to ensure your online customer service (including service through social media) is just right. There are benefits to having a large number of employees regarding metrics such as response time, but there are also benefits to having a smaller number. For example, a single-person operation may be able to interact more deeply with customers and get to know them on a more personalized level.

In other words, take advantage of what you have. Here are some important ways to provide excellent online customer service

Monitor your average response time (ART)

One of the best online customer service practices is to have good ART. If your team is small, this may be more challenging, but it also has to do with consistency. If your online customer interaction team needs to improve its ART, consider having an automated email or messaging system that promises to respond to customers within a specific timeframe. That way, your customer service department can prioritize and manage requests, and customers know that contacting you online is a reliable option.

Top-notch customer service departments have fast average response times

5 minutes: fastest response time

17:28 hours: average response time

174 hours: slowest response time

Give them options

For most companies, customers need multiple ways to get in touch with your service team. This means providing phone numbers for those who wish to call, as well as easy-to-find social media accounts.

Email is an excellent customer service medium, especially when integrated into your CRM platform. The key is ensuring customer emails are answered on time - preferably within 24 hours or less.

Other companies prefer to chat and use a sidebar that pops up almost immediately with a customer service representative. This service is helpful because customers know that if they need to ask a question before completing a purchase, someone will be there to help them immediately.

Direct Points

When you respond to a customer's concerns or questions, try to be direct and concise. Online communication is a great way to provide customer service; however, it can also lead to miscommunication or misunderstanding. Please keep it simple and make sure you give the people the information they need.

Pay attention to your brand consistency and accuracy

Regardless of the size of your team, every online presence of your brand should be consistent and accurate. Think about how you want your employees to handle the questions they receive regularly. When your team members respond consistently, your customer service looks professional and competent.

You also want to provide accurate and timely information to your customers. This comes down to communication and proper training. Whether you have one or 100 people on your customer service team, the key is to develop a customer service training strategy.

Watch grammar and demos.

Providing customer service online may seem like a casual formality. But in business, it's essential to work to ensure that all online interactions are professional. The most important way to present your brand professionally is to ensure that customer-facing employees use proper grammar, capitalization and punctuation. This also means avoiding the use of slang or chat terms.

How to improve your online customer service

Respond to every message

Use autoresponders to confirm support requests

Follow up to ensure customer satisfaction

Answer questions during the first interaction

Make it easy for customers to get help

Focus on quality, not quantity

Empower your team with customer service tools

Make sure customers trust that they will receive reliable service every time, in every interaction. Over time, you need to be consistent. After all, retention is just as necessary as new sales.

Proactive > reactive

In customer service, the focus is usually on responding to a customer's needs, complaints or concerns. However, it is equally essential to be proactive and provide an environment where you can reach out to customers, anticipate their needs and intercept any negative experiences before they occur.

How to have proactive customer service


Use data tools

identify the most common customer issues

View the entire customer lifecycle


working collaboratively

leverage technology

Develop practical solutions to identified problems

Plan and start

o Aim for quick wins to generate momentum

o Generate organizational support

Measure and align

Let your business learn

adjust for maximum return

Personalize the experience

Each company researches the demographics of its customers to determine what age, location or product preferences may reveal. However, it is essential to treat each customer or client as an individual. Try to understand why they chose your company and how you can help them from the very beginning of the relationship. Companies that customize their customer experience make their customers feel like individuals, not members of a general population.

To do this, go beyond demographic research and track each customer's conversations, interactions and individual needs in your CRM. Show that you care: No matter how large your service team is, it will have a profound impact on your customers.


Whether you have 1 or 100 employees, many strategies contribute to providing exceptional customer service. These online and offline interactions are similar, although both have unique barriers and benefits. Most importantly, consistency and brand representation is critical. Ensure that your customer service staff is on the same page for success.

Moral of the story: The most crucial aspect of a customer service team, regardless of size, is training time and strategy. All of the above points are necessary irrespective of the size of your team.

Use customer support software which contains an efficient knowledge base, ticketing system Minimal cost to enhance customer experience.BClinked 

Rapid deployment, simple enough but effective customer support system