Ticketing system and live chat for customer support

Customer support is a mandatory task for any provider. If your customers can't find the information they need in the documentation or FAQs, they can discuss their problems through the built-in ticketing system and live chat.

Built-in Live Chat Module

Live chat can be installed for free. Once a website visitor leaves a message, the team will see it and reply to him directly from their workspace. The chat mechanism will keep a history of communications with customers and their contacts.

Ticketing System

In addition to online chat, customers can ask questions via work orders. When creating a work order, the user specifies a subject, a detailed description of their problem, and the services it affects. It is also possible to select the department responsible and attach screenshots, log files, or other helpful information.

Customers may evaluate each response from your employees to better analyze the performance of the support team. Work orders marked as resolved will go into the archive but can be opened again at any time if needed.


The ticketing system allows batch operations to be applied to multiple similar tickets at the same time - just select a few keys and use macros to them - no need to traverse every access to escalate or update it! Since some responses are sent more than once - you can never repeat yourself - just click to assign a predefined response to a work order, click "Send", and you're Ready for the following work order! Each predefined response can be stored as a macro - create reusable macros to change work order status, priority, assignment, work order labels and shared work orders later with just one click. Employees can also have their custom list of the most commonly used macros. Support tickets can be automatically escalated to a higher level if they are not responded to in a timely manner. Upgraded work orders can then have macros applied automatically.

·Batch operations

·Predefined replies

·Automatic, macro operation

·List of favourite macros

·Automatic escalation

·Automatically close inactive work orders

Use customer support software which contains an efficient knowledge base, ticketing system and Live chat. Minimal cost to enhance customer experience.BClinked 

Rapid deployment, simple enough but effective customer support system